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Platters And Boards

Platters And Boards

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  • 224 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Imported

Dimensions: 10.5"W x 1"D x 7.75"H

Platters and Boards by Shelley Westerhausen is a wonderful handbook for building balanced and tempting charcuterie spreads with imaginative combinations. This beautifully photographed book includes directions for 40 different arrangements, including a Breakfast In Bed Board, Winter Solstice Lunch Platter, Lazy Dinner Smorgasbord, and Sundae Spread. The spreads include cheeses, meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, spreads, and breads, as well as handcrafted ingredients such Tarragon-Roasted Figs, Pistachio Herb Pesto, Eggplant Walnut Pâté, and Fall Hare Pâté.


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