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Collection: Designer Jan Barboglio

Jan Barboglio, a native of Mexico, is a nationally known metal artist.

She now lives in Dallas and derives inspiration from Texas and Mexico for her highly coveted decorative accessories.

"The old Mexico that I know is primitive and rugged, yet iron glitters with silver, sparkles with crystal and glows with glass," she told the Dallas Morning News. "A monthly journey to my father's cattle ranch in northern Mexico provides inspiration for our designs as well as a balance for my life."You can see that inspiration in everything she designs, from leather chairs to hand-hammered iron vases to etched glass wine goblets. Each item is rich in history and the romance of the past. Steelz is privileged to be one of the exclusive distributors of her forged metal designs.

Our new Jan Barboglio pieces were chosen with you in mind. We hope Jan’s designs will inspire you and your home. Take a look: