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Reserve Bag of Bath Salts

Reserve Bag of Bath Salts

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  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Each bag contains 20 ounces (567 grams) of bath salts.
  • Scented with nicotiana, patchouli, cedar, and oak oils, this earthy fragrance is great for men or women.


Soaking in a hot bath with quality scented bath salts is a nice treat at the end of a hard day, and these bath salts from Barr Co are up to the task. The salts come in an elegant bag, adorned with baker's twine and a letter-pressed hangtag, so it makes a nice gift idea. It even has hidden drawstrings, so it is easy to close and store for use again and again. These salts feature the Reserve Scent by Barr Co. The Reserve collection by Barr Co is simply amazing! It is lavishly scented with nicotiana, patchouli, cedar,  and oak oils. The resulting fragrance is earthy and deep, making it a great choice for men or women. Made in the USA by Barr Co, a division of K. Hall Studio. It contains no parabens or petrochemicals. 


Not tested on animals. No parabens or petrochemicals. Made in the USA.
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