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Cinnamon Bark Candle

Cinnamon Bark Candle

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  • Key Notes: Pink Pepper, Cinnamon, Tonka
  • 1.9-oz: Up to a 25-hour burn time
  • 15.5-oz: Up to a 90-hour burn time

15.5-oz: 4" D x 4" H

The captivating aroma of an unmistakably festive atmosphere is created by combining sweet pink pepper with the warmth of spicy cinnamon over a base of smooth tonka. An alluring scent for the quintessential holiday ambiance.

Light the candle on a heat-resistant surface within sight and away from drafts, children, and pets. Trim the wick to 1/4" before every burn or when the wick "mushrooms" to maintain a clean burn. No trim is necessary for the first burn.

To prevent tunneling and to ensure an even burn, allow the melt pool to reach the walls of the vessel every use. Keep the wick centered at all times so the candle burns evenly.
The optimal burn time is 2 to 4 hours. Keep the wax pool free of matches, wick trimming and other debris.

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