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Belly Vase - Gold - Large

Belly Vase - Gold - Large

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  • Blown glass
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • Color: Clear/Grey

Large: 7"H x 6"D
Extra Large: 9.4"H x 7"D

With a sculptural silhouette and smooth wavy surface, the Guaxs Belly catches your attention with its striking form.

The brilliant golden hue channel a warm aura of sophistication to any room or interior.


  • Always rinse your glass objects with lukewarm water only by hand
  • Use only commercially available washing-up liquid for all objects
  • If the gloss surface is smooth, you can wipe the object after drying with a fine cloth and a little Vaseline to keep the shine
  • If the surface is rough, you can use the rough side of the sponge during rinsing to preserve the rough character
  • Important: Avoid large temperature differences (e.g. do not use hot water, do not fill in cold water after strong sunlight)
  • Avoid bumping the object (e.g. against the sink or other objects, this may lead to cracks in the course of time
  • Candles may only be burned in lanterns, not in vases, as the opening is too small here
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