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Rizzoli Taco Loco: Mexican Street Food from Scratch

Rizzoli Taco Loco: Mexican Street Food from Scratch

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  • Category: Cooking - Regional & Ethnic - Mexican
  • 160 pages
  • Hardcover

Dimensions: 9" x 12"

A journey of discovery through one of the most exciting and unexplored street food cuisines, featuring 34 delicious recipes alongside stunning travel photography.

Taste freshly deep-fried totopos standing beside a wobbly stall in one of Mexico City’s chaotic street mercados. Eat the mysterious dish barbacoa—a goat buried in the ground with glowing coals, a crucifix, and a bottle of mezcal. Jonas Cramby takes the reader on a journey to create simple Mexican dishes at home, from antojitos (small dishes) to dulces (sweets) and bebidas (drinks) and, of course, the Mexicans’ favorite—tacos.

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