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Voluspa Crushed Candy Cane Candle

Voluspa Crushed Candy Cane Candle

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Embrace the festive spirit with our Voluspa Crushed Candy Cane Candle, featuring a nostalgic blend of peppermint and baked butter cookies that creates a warm holiday ambiance.

  • Peppermint & warm buttery notes
  • 100% Natural wicks for a clean burn
  • Hand-poured in the U.S.A.

Host Notes: Place the Voluspa Crushed Candy Cane Candle on your mantel or coffee table, surrounded by lush evergreen branches and twinkling fairy lights. Its elegant glass container adds a touch of sophistication to any space.


Macaron: 1.8 oz.
Small Jar: 6 oz.
3-Wick Tin: 12 oz
3-Wick Hearth: 38 oz.
5-Wick Hearth: 123 oz.


  1. Trim wicks to ¼" before lighting your candle. This helps prevent soot and extends the life of your candle!
  2. Allow the wax to melt and pool right to the candle’s edges with every light to prevent tunneling in the future.
  3. Use your coordinating candle lid or a wick snuffer to extinguish the candle without any smoke.
  4. Save the lovely vessel and repurpose in your home.
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