Poolside with Slim Aarons

Poolside with Slim Aarons

Summer may be months away, but lounging by the pool never goes out of style. If you're looking for reminders of the warm days to come or inspiration on how to elevate your summer style, look no further than the iconic photographer Slim Aarons. His glamorous portraits of the wealthy and famous in their luxurious vacations embody a casual yet elegant aesthetic that is still relevant today.

Here are 10 tips on how to bring Slim Aarons' vibe into your daily life, curated by our very own female in-house designer and curator. Shop the look here. ūüėČūüŹĚÔłŹ‚ú®

Tip #1 Embrace Vibrant Colors

Slim Aarons Vibes


Slim Aarons' photos are famous for their colorful palette that pops against sunny backdrops. To incorporate this into your daily life, add some bold accents to your home, like the Pancale Dinner Plate from Mario Luca Giusti. Its beautiful design will make your meals feel extra exciting.

Pancale Plate


Tip #2 Choose Classic Styles

Slim Aarons Poolside Style


Slim Aarons' photos have a timeless quality that comes from his preference for classic styles. Choose pieces that never go out of style, like the Sferra Mareta Beach Towel in Marigold. This towel is the perfect combination of style and functionality, making it a great addition to your beach or pool itinerary.


SFERRA  Sferra Mareta Beach Towel


Tip #3 Invest in Luxury Detailing

Luxury Details

Slim Aarons' photos often showcase the luxurious details of the high life, so invest in pieces that incorporate this level of detail. Vagabond House excels at detail. Take their Octopus Stainless Steel Centerpiece Bowl, for example -- it's sure to start a conversation.

VAGABOND HOUSE  Octopus Stainless Steel Centerpiece Bowl

Tip #4 Incorporate Natural Elements 

Slim Aarons Vibes


Slim Aarons' photos often capture the beauty of nature in the background. Bring some of that natural element into your home with the Ultramarine Mini Splash Bowl from Annieglass. The organic lines and underwater aesthetic of the glass bowl will add some seaside charm to your living space.

ANNIEGLASS  Ultramarine Mini Splash Bowl


For another natural aesthetic piece, the Leaves Palm Frond Cheese Board from Annieglass brings a leaf to life, making it a stunning statement piece in your home; the Les Ottomans Candelholders play on this theme.


ANNIEGLASS  Leaves Palm Frond Cheese Board

LES OTTOMANS  Art De La Table Candleholders






Tip #5 Use Fresh Florals


Poolside fresh florals by Slim Aarons


Slim Aarons' photos are famous for their dreamy scenes, complete with lush florals. Incorporate some fresh flowers in your home, and arrange them in a beautiful vase. like the Vietri Hibiscus Glass Cobalt Vase. Its stunning blue hue and charming design will make any room feel more lovely.


Vietri Hibiscus Glass Cobalt Vase

Vietri Hibiscus Glass Cobalt Vase

Vietri Hibiscus Glass Cobalt Vase



Tip #6 Dress Up in Chic Attire

Slim Aarons Vibes

Slim Aarons' photos often feature stylish people in stunning locations and chic attire. Embrace this vibe by wearing some breezy yet sophisticated outfits, like the ones featured in Slim Aarons: Women by Abrams. This stunning book showcases the jet-set women of the era and is a great source of fashion inspiration.

ABRAMS  Slim Aarons: Women

Slim Aarons Women


Tip #7 Add Ambiance with Scents

Slim Aarons' photos often transport viewers to sunny destinations, and you can recreate that feeling through scent. The Palm Springs Scented Candle from Baobab Collection has notes of bergamot and cardamom, evoking the desert landscape of Palm Springs. Its beautiful design will elevate your home decor as well.
Baobab Collection Palm Springs Candle

Tip #8 Channel Retro Glam

Slim Aarons Vibes

Slim Aarons' photos capture the essence of vintage glamour. Channel that retro vibe in your daily life by investing in some beautiful pieces that embody that era. The Federica Pitcher in turquoise by Mario Luca Giusti is a stunning bar cart accessory that will make any cocktail hour feel more fabulous.

MARIO LUCA GIUSTI  Federica Pitcher


Tip #9 Opt for Luxe Tableware
JONATHAN ADLER  Botanist Coral Centerpiece Bowl

Slim Aarons' photos often showcase stunning outdoor dining scenes, complete with elegant tableware. Emulate that luxurious dinner party vibe in your daily life by investing in the Botanist Coral Centerpiece Bowl by Jonathan Adler. The white & gold contrast will make any tablescape feel more elevated.

Botanist Coral Centerpiece

Tip #10 Travel in Style (even if from your living room!)

Slim Aarons Vibes
Slim Aarons' photos capture the allure of luxurious travel and beautiful destinations. Channel that jet-set spirit in your own summer travels by picking up a copy of Slim Aarons: Style, a stunning look at stylish travelers as they enjoy the sights & sounds of a host of destinations. It's the perfect book to inspire your wanderlust, while capturing the Slim Aarons aesthetic.
ABRAMS  Slim Aarons: Style

ABRAMS  Slim Aarons: Style

ABRAMS  Slim Aarons: Style

ABRAMS  Slim Aarons: Style

ABRAMS  Slim Aarons: Style

Incorporating Slim Aarons' aesthetic into your daily life is a fun and sophisticated way to elevate your seasonal style. With these 10 tips and summer essentials, you're sure to capture that dreamy summer feeling all season long.


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