If We Had Andy Warhol over for Dinner...

If We Had Andy Warhol over for Dinner...

An Extraordinary Dinner with Andy Warhol: A Celebration of Pop Art and Cultural Icon

Andy Warhol Dinner Party Glamorous Links to Maison and Tavola Collection

Imagine the thrill of hosting one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Andy Warhol, for a delightful evening of stimulating conversation and artistic revelry.

Let's imagine Andy was coming over for dinner, because... why not?

With his vivid imagination and unapologetic exploration of consumer culture, Warhol would undoubtedly bring an electrifying aura to the dining table. To create an ambiance worthy of his larger-than-life persona, we shall delve into a captivating world of table settings and decor that pay homage to Warhol's indelible mark on the art world. Let us embark on this whimsical journey and explore the perfect amalgamation of art, design, and culinary delights.

Andy Warhol for Dinner by Maison and Tavola Host Notes

As our esteemed guest arrives, we would present him with two remarkable books from Assouline's Ultimate Collection. The first, "Andy Warhol: The Impossible Collection," curated by Eric Shiner, showcases the 100 quintessential and unique works that define Warhol's dynamic career. This tome would surely resonate with the notoriously vain artist, as it reflects his enduring impact on the art world. The second book, "Interview Magazine: 50 Years," captures the essence of Warhol's iconic underground film journal, which opened doors to the intimate circles of society. It would be a delight to peruse its extraordinary archives and rediscover the history of American culture through the lens of Interview Magazine.


First, let's butter up our esteemed guest with some of his best work...

Out on the coffee table -- shameless Warhol fawning! -- the Impossible Collection of Andy Warhol:


ASSOULINE  Andy Warhol: The Impossible Collection


Pop Art!


ASSOULINE  Andy Warhol: The Impossible Collection


A peek into The Factory


ASSOULINE  Andy Warhol: The Impossible Collection


Now, we're getting comfortable, chatting about the good old days...


When setting up the living room, we must not forget the cozy comforts of a Pop Art gathering. The Jonathan Adler Pop Pillows are a homage to Warhol's chosen genre that add a playful touch to any space. Crafted with care, these hand-loomed pillows feature vibrant colors and mid-century-inspired designs. With their reversible nature, they allow for endless possibilities, reflecting Warhol's penchant for constant reinvention and artistic exploration.


Time to bring out shameless Andy promotion, take 2!

Now that we've got our guests' attention & we're all settled in, we'll bring out more shameless Andy promotion!

All the cool kids are reading about Andy

The Andy coffee table companion, a collection of Warhol's magazine covers:



Interview Magazine 50 Years







Interview 50 Years

Gotta love Elizabeth Taylor!

Interview Back Cover


Okay, enough with the Andy flattery! Let's eat!

At this point, our esteemed guests are primed and ready to join us at the table:

Andy Warhol for Dinner by Maison and Tavola Host Notes


Andy Warhol for Dinner by Maison and Tavola Host Notes

Setting the table...

To set the stage for an artistic feast, we would adorn the dining table with vibrant and unexpected elements, much like Warhol's unconventional approach to art. The Color Drop Small Bud Vases, packaged in paint cans, would surely strike a chord with the maestro himself. Each drop transformed into glass by experienced hands reflects the blow of inspiration—a nod to the artistic process that Warhol cherished. These vividly colored vases would infuse the table with a burst of energy and creativity -- we'd leave the small paint cans on the table and fill them with clementines or lemons for continued pops of color. Plus, the Color Drop vases are small enough for our esteemed guests to see across the table and enjoy one another's company.


VISTA ALEGRE  Color Drop Small Bud Vase

Of course, there's more to dinner than centerpieces. Next, we'd set the table with L'Objet Lito Dinner Plates for a light main course, L'Objet White Aegean Chargers to offset the plates, L'Objet Gold Perlee Bowls for salad, Christofle Perles FlatwareKim Seybert Emerald Flare Napkin Rings, & Kim Seybert Dip Dye Napkins.

Lito Plate - Orange & Yellow

L’OBJET  Gold Perlee Dinnerware Collection

CHRISTOFLE  Perles 5-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set


KIM SEYBERT  Dip Dye Napkins 

KIM SEYBERT  Flare Napkin Ring in Gold & Emerald (Set of 4)

 JULISKA  Large Isabella Cake Pedestal

The white crisp chargers & simple flatware would offset the dramatic colors of the plates, napkins, and rings with style. We'd serve something light, so as to save room for dessert. The Juliska Isabella Cake Pedestal would showcase our sweet final course, ending the meal with a comfortable sugar high. 

Time for an after-dinner drink!


Andy Warhol for Dinner by Maison and Tavola Host Notes

Can't forget beverages! Next to the Mario Luca Giusti Dolce Vita Water Goblets, we'd offer chic Riedel Vinum XL Vintage Champagne Glasses -- after all, dinner with Andy would be a champagne-required sort of event. The Champagne Saber will add some theatricality to the meal. 

Mario Luca Giusti Dolce Vita Water Goblets


Riedel Vinum XL Vintage Champagne Glass (Set of 4)

Champagne Saber


Andy Warhol for Dinner by Maison and Tavola Host Notes


Every touch matters...

As we move beyond the table, we enter the guest bathroom, where a homage to Warhol's NYC Factory workshop awaits. The Baobab Collection Manhattan Hand Wash Gel, inspired by the vibrant essence of Manhattan, pays tribute to the spirit of the city that fueled Warhol's creative genius. With its sophisticated and energizing scent, reminiscent of a spring stroll through the upper east side, this hand wash captures the essence of Warhol's beloved metropolis. The fragrance of crumpled papyrus from the Metropolitan Museum lingers, evoking the city's artistic grandeur.

BAOBAB COLLECTION  Manhattan Body & Hand Lotion And Hand Wash Gel Gift Box


Tea time!


ALESSI  Virgil Abloh 3909 Kettle

Of course, no gathering with Warhol would be complete without a touch of artistic collaboration. We may have to insist on tea with dessert in order to bring out our Virgil Abloh 3909 Kettle, a stunning collaboration between Michael Graves and Virgil Abloh, encapsulates the fusion of cultural elements and design. Michael Graves, a renowned architect, and Virgil Abloh, a visionary fashion designer, combine their creative forces to create a kettle that blends basketball imagery with Abloh's distinct visual language. This unique kettle, produced in a numbered edition, is a testament to Warhol's affinity for creative collaborations that pushed the boundaries of art and design.

Andy Warhol for Dinner by Maison and Tavola Host Notes 

As we sip our tea in the sitting room, we turn our attention to the coffee table centerpiece and find the Global Views Comma Vase, a true embodiment of Warhol's unique perspective. Named after the punctuation mark, this handcrafted vase adds an air of intrigue to the table. Its gorgeous blown glass, available in lime and fire colors, mimics the fluidity and vibrancy of Warhol's artistic vision. Simply slip small blooms into the top hole, and watch as this comma-shaped vase breathes life and color into the room.


Reflections Miami T-Light Holder

To set the mood with captivating illumination, the coffee table decor would incorporate the Reflections Miami T-Light Holder, inspired by the pastel-colored hotels of South Beach. As an artist who deeply appreciated the interplay of light and shadows, Warhol would revel in the vibrant and summery ambiance created by these crystal tealight holders. Their ensemble arrangement would infuse the room with a sense of warmth and enchantment, reminiscent of a Miami sunset.


Last, our final homage to Andy... 

Andy Warhol for Dinner by Maison and Tavola Host Notes

Finally, our journey through Warhol's world would be incomplete without the crowning jewel—Rizzoli's book on Andy Warhol, which we would place prominently on the coffee table. This captivating publication offers a fresh perspective on Warhol's life and work, emphasizing his continued relevance in the digital age. It delves into his artistic vision, exploring themes of consumerism, religion, and sexuality. As we leaf through its pages, we gain a deeper understanding of Warhol's artistic journey—a testament to his ability to both challenge and embrace the artistic establishment.

 RIZZOLI  Andy Warhol

Hosting Andy Warhol for dinner would be an extraordinary privilege, an opportunity to immerse oneself in the mind of a true visionary. Through carefully curated table settings and decor, we can honor his indelible mark on the art world while celebrating the transformative power of Pop Art. As we raise our glasses to toast this remarkable artist, we embody Warhol's own words: "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes."


Until the next party... 

Andy Warhol for Dinner by Maison and Tavola Host Notes


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