Impress Your Guests on National Bourbon Day - Tips, Tidbits, & Tricks for Toasting June 14th

Impress Your Guests on National Bourbon Day - Tips, Tidbits, & Tricks for Toasting June 14th

Happy National Bourbon Day from Maison and Tavola - Decanter Pouring Whiskey into Glass

National Bourbon Day 

Two Bourbon Whiskey Glasses - The Shoreham Whiskey Set from Simon Pearce

National Bourbon Day is a celebration of America's beloved spirit, bourbon. Each year on June 14th, bourbon enthusiasts raise their glasses to toast the rich history and unique flavors of this iconic whiskey. But where did National Bourbon Day come from, and why has bourbon experienced such a resurgence in popularity? In this blog post, we at Maison & Tavola will explore the origins of National Bourbon Day and delve into the factors behind the renewed interest in this timeless drink.

Two Bourbon Whiskey Glasses Outside - The Shoreham Whiskey Set by Simon Pearce

The Origins of National Bourbon Day:

National Bourbon Day traces its roots back to the history of bourbon itself. Bourbon, a type of whiskey made primarily from corn and aged in charred oak barrels, has a long and storied past. Its origins can be traced to the late 18th century in what is now known as Kentucky. The exact details of bourbon's creation are a subject of debate, but it is widely accepted that the distilling techniques used to produce bourbon were developed by early American settlers.

The name "bourbon" is believed to have originated from Bourbon County, Kentucky, which was established in 1785 and named after the French royal family. It is said that whiskey produced in this county became highly regarded for its quality and distinct flavor profile. Over time, the term "bourbon" came to represent a specific type of whiskey that adhered to certain production standards.

In 1964, the U.S. Congress declared bourbon as a distinctive product of the United States, making it the country's only native spirit with a federally regulated definition. This recognition solidified bourbon's place in American history and culture. In recent years, the growing interest in bourbon has led to the establishment of National Bourbon Day as a way to celebrate this uniquely American spirit.

Two Whiskey Bourbon Glasses Outside - Vagabond House Double Old-Fashioned - Hatched Glass (Set of 2) from Maison and Tavola

 The Resurgence of Bourbon's Popularity:

The resurgence of bourbon's popularity can be attributed to a combination of factors. One significant influence has been the rise of small batch and single barrel bourbons in the 1990s. These expressions offered consumers a higher level of craftsmanship and flavor complexity compared to mass-produced whiskeys. Distilleries such as Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, and Woodford Reserve began to gain recognition for their premium offerings, attracting a new generation of whiskey enthusiasts.

Furthermore, bourbon found its way into popular culture, particularly through television shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. These shows depicted characters and settings where bourbon was a prominent fixture, creating a sense of nostalgia and intrigue around the spirit. As viewers became captivated by the glamorous and sophisticated world portrayed on screen, they also developed an interest in the drinks enjoyed by the characters.

The increased availability and accessibility of bourbon also played a role in its resurgence. Previously considered an acquired taste or a niche spirit, bourbon became more widely available in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Mixologists and bartenders began incorporating bourbon into a wide range of cocktails, introducing it to a broader audience and showcasing its versatility.

A Bar with a Whiskey Bourbon Glass, Decanter, and Champagne Flutes - Juliska Puro Rocks Glass at Maison and Tavola


Tips to Celebrate National Whiskey Day in Style!

Tip #1 Celebrate with the Jonathan Adler Rocket Bourbon Decanter

National Whiskey Day is a perfect occasion to indulge in the rich flavors and traditions of this beloved spirit. And what better way to celebrate than with the iconic Jonathan Adler Bourbon Rocket Decanter? This sophisticated retro-rad black and 16-karat gold porcelain decanter will not only serve as a stunning centerpiece on your bar cart but also elevate your whiskey experience. Here's how you can make the most of National Whiskey Day with the Jonathan Adler Rocket Decanter:

Display of Jonathan Adler Rocketship Decanters including the Bourbon Rocket Decanter
  1. Select your favorite whiskey: Start by choosing a whiskey that suits your taste preferences. Whether you prefer a smooth bourbon, a smoky Scotch, or a spicy rye, the Jonathan Adler Rocket Decanter can accommodate any type of whiskey.
  2. Pour your whiskey into the decanter: Carefully uncork your chosen bottle of whiskey and pour it into the Jonathan Adler Rocket Decanter. The decanter's sleek design and elegant craftsmanship will enhance the visual appeal of the whiskey, setting the stage for a truly memorable celebration.
  3. Gather your friends and loved ones: Whiskey is meant to be enjoyed in good company. Invite your friends and loved ones to join you in celebrating National Whiskey Day. The Jonathan Adler Rocket Decanter will serve as a conversation starter, sparking discussions about the history and nuances of whiskey.
  4. Toast to the occasion: Raise your glasses and toast to National Whiskey Day! Share your appreciation for the craftsmanship and flavors of whiskey while enjoying the ambiance created by the Jonathan Adler Rocket Decanter.
  5. Savor the flavors: Take your time to savor the flavors and aromas of the whiskey. The Jonathan Adler Rocket Decanter's design allows for proper aeration, enhancing the whiskey's taste profile. Let each sip linger on your palate, discovering the subtle nuances and complexities that make whiskey such a cherished spirit.

Tip #2 Read "Bourbon: The Story of Kentucky Whiskey" by Clay Risen

To truly appreciate the significance of bourbon on National Whiskey Day, delve into the captivating world of Kentucky whiskey with the book "Bourbon: The Story of Kentucky Whiskey" by Clay Risen. This visually stunning illustrated guide takes you on a journey through the history, craft, and appreciation of Kentucky bourbon. Here's why you should add this book to your reading list:

Bourbon: The Story of Kentucky Whiskey by Clay Risen at Maison and Tavola
  1. Discover the origins and evolution of bourbon: Clay Risen, a renowned whiskey expert, explores the origins and evolution of America's distilling craft and culture in "Bourbon: The Story of Kentucky Whiskey." Uncover the fascinating history of bourbon, from its humble beginnings to its status as a symbol of American craftsmanship and tradition.
  2. Gain insights into bourbon production: The book provides valuable insights into how bourbon is made, offering a deeper understanding of the distilling process. Explore the techniques and ingredients that contribute to the unique flavors and characteristics of Kentucky bourbon.
  3. Appreciate the cultural significance of bourbon: Bourbon is not just a drink; it carries a story, a sense of place, and an unbreakable tie to the people and the land that produced it. "Bourbon: The Story of Kentucky Whiskey" sheds light on the cultural significance of bourbon, illustrating its deep-rooted connections to the people and the region of bourbon country.
  4. Profiles of distilleries and makers: The book features profiles of distilleries and makers that form the landscape of bourbon country. Learn about the individuals and families behind the iconic bourbon brands and gain a deeper appreciation for their dedication to preserving tradition and crafting exceptional whiskeys.
  5. Build your own collection: "Bourbon: The Story of Kentucky Whiskey" provides insights on how to build your own bourbon collection. Discover tips on selecting rare and unique bottles, expanding your palate, and exploring the diverse range of flavors that bourbon has to offer.
Bourbon: The Story of Kentucky Whiskey by Clay Risen at Maison and Tavola



Tip #3 Celebrate with the Help of Whiskey Cocktails by Graphic Image

No whiskey celebration is complete without a selection of delicious whiskey cocktails. The book "Whiskey Cocktails" by Graphic Image is a hand-bound, bonded leather book that serves as the ultimate guide to crafting the perfect whiskey cocktail. Here's why this book is a must-have for National Whiskey Day:

Whiskey Cocktails book by Graphic Image at Maison and Tavola
  1. Explore a variety of whiskey cocktail recipes: "Whiskey Cocktails" features over 100 recipes for whiskey, bourbon, and rye cocktails. From classic, timeless cocktails like the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned to innovative creations, this book covers a wide range of flavors and styles.
  2. Distillery profiles: Learn about the distilleries behind the whiskies featured in the book. Gain a deeper understanding of the different brands and their unique flavor profiles, including Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Hartfield & Co., Heaven Hill, Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, Willett, and Woodford Reserve.
  3. Perfect your mixing skills: "Whiskey Cocktails" provides tips and techniques for crafting impeccable whiskey cocktails. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a beginner, this book will help you master the art of balancing flavors and creating harmonious whiskey-based drinks.
  4. Enduring classics and modern originals: The book showcases enduring classics that have stood the test of time, as well as modern, innovative recipes that showcase the versatility of whiskey. With such a wide variety to choose from, you'll always have a new cocktail to try and enjoy.
  5. High-quality gift book: "Whiskey Cocktails" is a beautifully designed and bound book, making it an excellent gift for any whiskey enthusiast. Its bonded leather cover adds a touch of luxury and elegance, reflecting the sophistication of the whiskey world.
Whiskey Cocktails book by Graphic Image at Maison and Tavola

Tip #4 The Necessity of "The Impossible Collection of Whiskey" by Assouline

To fully immerse yourself in the world of whiskey and celebrate National Bourbon Day, "The Impossible Collection of Whiskey" by Assouline is an essential addition to your collection. Here's why this book is a must-have:

Assouline Collection - The Impossible Collection of Whiskey book at Maison and Tavola
  1. Uncover the history and significance of whiskey: "The Impossible Collection of Whiskey" delves into the rich history and cultural significance of whiskey. From its humble origins to its modern-day status as a revered spirit, this book captures the essence of whiskey's journey.
  2. Tour renowned distilleries: Join bestselling spirits writer Clay Risen on a tour of some of the world's most famed distilleries. Discover the traditions, craftsmanship, and stories behind the finest bottles of whiskey, including Scotch from the Scottish Highlands and Bourbon from Kentucky.
  3. Explore unparalleled whiskeys: The book features a selection of 100 unparalleled whiskeys, chosen for their exquisite flavors, rarity, age, and innovation. Experience the diversity of whiskey expressions from age-old makers and trailblazers of the craft distilling movement.
  4. Exceptional visuals and presentation: "The Impossible Collection of Whiskey" is presented in a wrought-iron trimmed wood box modeled after an authentic whiskey barrel. The 212-page book features 150 stunning illustrations that bring the world of whiskey to life, creating a visually captivating experience.
  5. A collector's item for whiskey connoisseurs: This book is a collector's item that will be treasured by any true whiskey connoisseur. Its exclusivity and comprehensive exploration of whiskey make it an essential addition to your library, allowing you to delve into the depths of this remarkable spirit.
Assouline Collection - The Impossible Collection of Whiskey book at Maison and Tavola

Last but not least, a few other luxury accessories to celebrate in style:

1. The Double Old Fashioned Hatched Set of Two Glasses by Vagabond House

Vagabond House Double Old-Fashioned - Hatched Glass (Set of 2) at Maison and Tavola


2. Antica Farmacista Vanilla Bourbon Gift Set with Home Ambiance Diffuser, Hexagonal Candle, and a nickel-plated diffuser tray


Antica Farmacista Vanilla Bourbon Gift Set with Home Ambiance Diffuser, Hexagonal Candle, and a nickel-plated diffuser tray


3. The Ultimate Whiskey Set from Schott Zwiesel, featuring two on-the-rocks glasses and two spherical ice molds

Ultimate Whiskey Set by Schott Zwiesel at Maison and Tavola


Cheers from Maison and Tavola!

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