Legendary Designers: Dorothy Draper vs Charles and Ray Eames

Legendary Designers: Dorothy Draper vs Charles and Ray Eames

Welcome to the captivating world of sophisticated design, where legendary designers Dorothy Draper and Charles and Ray Eames reign supreme. While their styles may differ, the impact these visionaries have had on the world of interior design is undeniable. In this blog post, our in-house curator delves into the distinctive aesthetics of Draper and the Eameses, providing you with three tips on how to decorate in each of their iconic styles using exceptional products from Maison & Tavola.

Decorating in Eames' Style:

  1. Embrace Functional Minimalism:

    Charles and Ray Eames were pioneers of modern design, known for their minimalist yet functional approach. Incorporate the Alessi Birillo Waste Bin, which exudes Eames' aesthetic through its sleek and streamlined design. This subtle piece is the height of minimalist chic.

  2. Emphasize Organic Forms and Materials:

    The Eameses had a deep appreciation for the natural world, often incorporating organic shapes and materials into their designs. Capture their spirit with the Raw Natural Mango Wood Hexagon Boards and Gold Stand. These artful pieces bring an element of nature to your home, combining functionality with a touch of woody delight.

  3. Fusion of Art and Design:

    The Eameses blurred the boundaries between art and design, taking inspiration from various artistic disciplines. Emulate their style with the Hierbabuena Double Old Fashioned Glass by Jan Barboglio. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this glassware piece seamlessly combines functionality with artistic flair, showcasing the Eameses' commitment to design as a form of expression.

Decorating in Draper's Style:

  1. Embrace Bold Patterns and Colors:Anatomy of a Room: Dorothy Draper's Iconic Lobby for the Greenbrier |  Galerie

    Dorothy Draper was renowned for her fearless use of vibrant hues and striking patterns. To channel her aesthetic, opt for the Roman Centerpiece from Match. Its intricate design and attention-grabbing colors will instantly become the focal point of any room, exuding the timeless glamour embodied by Draper herself.

  2. Iconic Accent Pieces:

    Draper's designs often featured eye-catching accent pieces that added character and charm to any space. Complete your Draper-inspired decor with the Bella Short Candle Holders in Amber (Set of 2 in a Box) by Kim Seybert. These elegant candle holders bring warmth and elegance to your living or dining room, reflecting Draper's penchant for creating inviting atmospheres.

  3. Recreate the Hollywood Regency Look:

To truly capture the essence of Draper's style, embrace the Hollywood Regency aesthetic. Incorporate a lavish Water Pitcher from Match into your tabletop display. Its exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious presence will transport you to the golden age of Hollywood, where Draper's iconic designs reigned supreme.

Whether you lean towards the bold, glamorous world of Dorothy Draper or the sleek, modern aesthetic of Charles and Ray Eames, Maison and Tavola offers an exquisite selection of products to help you bring their iconic styles into your own home. From vibrant patterns and colors to minimalist forms and organic materials, these legendary designers continue to inspire and shape the world of interior design. So, why settle for ordinary when you can infuse your space with the extraordinary vision of Draper and the Eameses? Let your home become a canvas for their timeless legacies.

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