The 7 Glasses Every Hostess Needs

The 7 Glasses Every Hostess Needs

Welcome, esteemed hosts and hostesses, to a journey into the art of selecting the perfect glass for your cherished cocktails. As the arbiter of taste and refined elegance, we invite you to explore the carefully curated world of glassware — a world where every sip is elevated to a new level of sophistication and pleasure.

The Red Wine Glass

When it comes to red wine, the glass is a vessel that not only showcases the deep hues of the wine but also allows its complex aromas to unfold. Opt for a glass with a broad bowl and tapered opening to enhance the wine's flavors and aromas. Let its elegant silhouette bring out the full-bodied richness of your favorite reds.

The White and Rosé Glass

Embrace the crisp and delicate nature of white and rosé wines with a glass that highlights their lightness and floral notes. Look for a glass with a narrower bowl and a slightly tapered shape to preserve the wine's refreshing qualities. The graceful stem will ensure that your hands do not warm the chilled wine, allowing you to savor every cool and refined sip.

The Stemless Wine Glass

For those seeking a modern and versatile option, the stemless wine glass offers a contemporary twist to traditional elegance. With its sleek silhouette and stable base, this glass allows you to enjoy both red and white wines in a stylish and practical manner. Its ergonomic design provides comfort and ease, making it a chic choice for casual gatherings.

The Champagne Glass

Toast to life's finest moments with a glass that exudes elegance and charm — the champagne glass. Look for a flute that captures the effervescence and showcases the golden bubbles as they dance to the surface. The slender stem not only adds grace but also keeps your hand away from the bowl, preserving the chill and ensuring a truly sparkling experience.

    The Whiskey Glass

    Delve into the world of refined indulgence with a whiskey glass designed to highlight the nuances of this cherished spirit. Consider a glass with a wide bowl and a sturdy base, allowing room for the whiskey to breathe and release its aromas. The weight and feel of the glass in your hand will enhance the contemplative pleasure of savoring the rich flavors of your preferred whiskey.


      Cocktail Glasses - The Coupe

      For those who revel in the art of mixology, the coupe glass offers a touch of vintage glamour. With its shallow, wide bowl, this glass is ideal for serving classic cocktails such as martinis and cosmopolitans. Let the elegance of the coup glass enhance the presentation of your handcrafted creations, elevating your cocktail hour to new heights of sophistication.

      The Coupe at Maison and Tavola

      Cocktail Glasses - The Highball

      When it comes to refreshing and spirited libations, the highball glass reigns supreme. Its tall and slender design allows for ample ice and mixer, making it perfect for cocktails like the iconic gin and tonic or a refreshing mojito. Embrace the versatility of the highball glass as it effortlessly transitions from casual poolside gatherings to chic rooftop soirées.

      Dear hosts and hostesses, the art of selecting the perfect glass for your cherished cocktails is not to be underestimated. By paying attention to the design and shape of each glass, you elevate not only the taste and aroma of your libations but also the overall sensory experience for both yourself and your esteemed guests.

      Cheers to the pursuit of refined taste and the enjoyment of the artfully crafted cocktail!

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