The Hottest Interior Design Brands You Haven’t Heard of Yet, Part 2 - How to Avoid Looking Exactly Like Your Neighbors

The Hottest Interior Design Brands You Haven’t Heard of Yet, Part 2 - How to Avoid Looking Exactly Like Your Neighbors

The Hottest Interior Design Brands You Haven’t Heard of Yet, Part 2
Maison & Tavola - Luxury Decor and Tabletop Accessories for Stunning Interiors
A beautiful room expresses your personality in the details -- your coffee table accessories, a particular vase, a carefully chosen frame, etc. 

"The details are not the details. They make the design."

– Charles Eames

Compare this sentiment to that of a well-known songwriter, Malvina Reynolds.

"Little boxes on a hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky, little boxes all the same..."...

Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky - Maison and Tavola Has the Cure
Have no fear -- we're here to save you from the tyranny of sameness!

This selection of global designers will leave you inspired and in awe. We will introduce you to ten extraordinary designers whose longevity, impressive portfolios, and noteworthy contributions to the world of interior design make them true hidden gems. From Turkish table linens to handcrafted ceramic masterpieces, these brands offer something for every style and taste. Let's dive in and explore what makes each designer so special.




Themis Z at Maison and Tavola

Themis-Z - Athens-Inspired Sophisticated Decor 

Drawing inspiration from Greek heritage, designer Themis Zouganeli founded Themis-Z, a homeware collection characterized by sophisticated and timeless geometric designs.

Featured Product from Themis-Z: Maze Blue Dinner Plate

Their Maze Blue Dinner Plate (Set of 2) is a standout piece. Handmade in Athens from porcelain, these dinner plates will transport you into a labyrinth of serene sensations. The clean lines and intricate patterns make them a striking addition to any dining table.

Themis Z Maze Blue Dinner Plate at Maison and Tavola

Themis-Z Maze Blue Dinner Plate at Maison and Tavola



 Pehr Chic Organic Kid-Friendly Designs at Maison and Tavola

Pehr - Chic, Organic, & Child-Friendly 

Founded by women, for women, Pehr partners with exceptional craftspeople and ethical manufacturers to create beautiful and practical products for babies and toddlers. Their commitment to quality and design is evident in each item they produce.

Pehr Featured Product: Pom Pom Basket in Multi

The Pom Pom Basket in multicolored pom poms is one of Pehr's best designs. Perfect for tidying away books, trains and craft supplies --great for your little one's treasures or as a catch all for the family. With each Pom Pom sewn by hand, the Pehr Pom Pom Bin is parent-approved and a fan favorite.

Pehr Pom Pom Basket in Multi at Maison and Tavola








Maison and Tavola - Les Ottomans, inspired by its founder’s love for Turkey and Turkish decor, presents a home collection of bright, beautiful, and unique pieces to enliven your space.

Les Ottomans - Global, Colorful, Avant Garde

Infused with the founder's love for Turkey and Turkish decor, Les Ottomans presents a vibrant home collection that breathes life into any space. Their bright and unique pieces exude character and charm.

Les Ottomans Featured Product - The Mustache Vase

A standout product from their range is the Mustache Vase. Handmade in Italy, this ceramic vase is adorned with an off-kilter mustache and eyes, adding a playful touch to any room. With each vase hand-painted and distinct from the others, it truly reflects the diversity of personalities.

LES OTTOMANS  Mustache Vase at Maison and Tavola




Bodrum Linens at Maison and Tavola

Bodrum - Elegant Turkish Linens

Elevate your dining experience with exquisite Turkish table linens and accessories from Bodrum. This Turkish brand is renowned for its attention to detail and craftsmanship. With a rich history rooted in Turkish culture, Bodrum brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to every table setting. One notable feature of Bodrum's designs is the incorporation of the Turkish nazar, an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye.

Featured Bodrum Product: Bright Eyes Napkins

For a stunning addition to your table, we recommend the Bright Eyes Napkins. These embroidered napkins, reminiscent of the Turkish nazar, will add a glamorous and unique touch to any occasion.

Bright Eyes Nazar Napkins by Bodrum at Maison and Tavola

Fornasetti’s designs float between reality and imagination–enhanced by cultural innuendos and artistic inferences. At Maison and Tavola

Fornasetti - Italian Whimsy

Prepare to be captivated by the imaginative designs of Italian brand Fornasetti. Their creations blur the line between reality and imagination, combining cultural innuendos with artistic references. If Salvador Dali were to design your dinnerware, it might resemble the whimsical elegance of Fornasetti's pieces.

Fornasetti Featured Product: Comme Des Forna Scented Candle

One standout product from their collection is the Comme Des Forna Scented Candle. Housed in a porcelain container, this handcrafted candle features Fornasetti's iconic red lips design and emits a delightful fragrance with notes of thyme, lavender, cedarwood, and more.

Fornasetti Featured Product: Comme Des Forna Scented Candle at Maison and Tavola





Teneues Tabletop Books at Maison & Tavola 

TeNeues - German Publishing House Specializing in Photography

With a rich history dating back to 1931, TeNeues is a publishing house based in Düsseldorf that collaborates with renowned international photographers on its specialty photography books. Their publications capture breathtaking visuals and provide an escape into extraordinary destinations.

TeNeues Featured Product: "Barbara Cole - Between Worlds"

"Barbara Cole - Between Worlds" is one such book. This stunning TeNeues publication features the ethereal photography of artist Barbara Cole. Cole is so far the only photographic artist who has dedicated herself to the element of water. In the first illustrated book of the famous artist's collection, we see works that have been exhibited in D.C. Tokyo, and Canada. We watch the transformation of her work from photographic to painterly, each photo as stunning as the last.

Barbara Cole Book by TeNeues at Maison and Tavola



Plush Pumpkin at Maison and Tavola


Plush Pumpkin - Autumny Fun & Farm-to-Table

Embrace the warmth and coziness of fall with Plush Pumpkin's handcrafted velvet pumpkins. This female-owned and female-led business supports self-made local artisans who carefully create each pumpkin using silk velvet and recycled plastic filling, topped with a real stem.

Featured Plush Pumpkin Product: Turquoise Plush Pumpkin

The Turquoise Plush Pumpkin is a standout piece that will add a touch of elegance to your fall decor. Meticulously crafted, each pumpkin is one of a kind and offers a unique twist on traditional seasonal decorations.

Plush Pumpkin Turquoise Pumpkin at Maison and Tavola








 Arte Italica at Maison and Tavola

Arte Italica - Italian Designs & Fine Craftsmanship

Celebrating Italian history, culture, art, and vintage pewter, Arte Italica has been creating timeless designs since 1997.

Arte Italica Featured Product: Giovanna Vase with Pewter Stem 

Their Giovanna Vase with Pewter Stem is a true masterpiece. Handmade in Italy, this vase showcases blown glass and a scalloped pewter base, combining elegance and craftsmanship. It serves as a stunning focal point and conversation piece in any home.

Arte Italica Giovanna Vase with Pewter Stem at Maison and Tavola

Laura Zindel Design at Maison and Tavola

Laura Zindel Design - Nature's Beauty

Inspired by the natural beauty of Vermont, Laura Zindel Design offers made-to-order, handcrafted ceramic items that are true works of art. Each piece is meticulously created and showcases the intricate details of the flora and fauna that surround us.

Featured Laura Zindel Design Product: Hummingbird Large Round Platter

The Hummingbird Large Round Platter is a perfect example of Laura Zindel's craftsmanship. Handmade in Vermont, this ceramic earthenware plate features a stunning hummingbird design, making it a functional and visually striking addition to your home.

LAURA ZINDEL DESIGN  Hummingbird Large Round Platter 

These ten designers featured at Maison and Tavola's boutique showroom offer a glimpse into the vast world of interior design. From Turkish table linens to handcrafted ceramics, each brand brings a unique perspective and exceptional craftsmanship to their creations. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance, whimsy, or cultural heritage to your living space, these designers have you covered. Explore their collections, discover the perfect piece for your home, and embrace the beauty of design that tells a story.

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