The Only 4 Tips You Will Ever Need for Decorating with Vases

The Only 4 Tips You Will Ever Need for Decorating with Vases


4 Tips for Decorating with Vases from Maison and Tavola Style Experts

Stylish Home Decor with Guaxs Vases - Tips from Maison & Tavola

Beautiful Room Decorated with Vases and Flowers in Blue

After consulting our in-house curator and design authority at Maison & Tavola, we are delighted to share her insights on how to use vases to elevate the style of your home. Vases are as beautiful as sculptures and vessels in their own right, and with flowers can transport a room into a harmonious getaway.

Guaxs Vases at Maison and Tavola

Why focus on Guaxs, then, if these principles apply to all vase decor?

Put simply: Guaxs showcases beauty like no other vase. Guaxs is renowned for its handmade, mouth-blown glass vases crafted in Germany, each reflecting unparalleled craftsmanship and artistic appeal. And Maison and Tavola is the premier source for Guaxs in America.




Tip #1: Vases should be as beautiful empty as they are with flowers.

The beauty of Guaxs vases lies not only in their ability to showcase vibrant blooms but also in their captivating presence when left empty. A well-chosen vase can serve as a standalone centerpiece, adding elegance to any room. Here are three recommended Guaxs vases for this purpose:

Guaxs Round Pinara Vase in Sky at Maison & Tavola

Round Pinara Vase in Sky: Handmade and mouth-blown in Germany, this vase exudes tranquility with its soft and gentle hue. It can be a stunning addition to any space, bringing a sense of peace and serenity.


Guaxs Quilotta Medium Vase in Smokegrey at Maison and Tavola


Quilotta Medium Vase in Smokegrey: Crafted with a beautiful smoke grey color, this vase creates an elegant and muted tone. Its translucent glass allows for a soft diffusion of light, adding a touch of ambiance to any space.

Guaxs Mathura Vase in Amethyst at Maison and Tavola



Mathura Vase in Amethyst: Featuring a striking wrapped faceted glass design in a deep shade of amethyst, this vase showcases German artisanal artistry. Each piece is blown and hand-cut, making it a unique and eye-catching decor piece.




Tip #2: Use vases to greet guests with cheer in the entryway.

To create a welcoming atmosphere that exudes warmth and hospitality from the moment your guests arrive, consider using vases to greet them with cheer in the entryway. Select vases that complement your decor style and fill them with fresh flowers or verdant foliage. You may opt to place them on a console table or even on the floor to make a bold statement. This simple yet elegant touch can elevate the ambiance of your home and set the tone for a memorable gathering. It is important, however, to choose flowers that are not overly fragrant, as some guests may be sensitive to strong scents.

Guaxs Nagaa Vase in Rose at Maison and Tavola

Medium Nagaa Vase in Rose: Pair this vase with delicate and romantic flowers such as pink peonies or blush roses. Their soft hues will complement the subtle lightness of the rose-toned vase, creating an enchanting display.

pink peonies or blush roses - soft hues will complement the subtle lightness of the rose-toned vase, creating an enchanting display
Guaxs Cubistic Vase in Black at Maison and Tavola

Round Cubistic Vase in Black: To add a touch of drama and contrast, consider arranging vibrant orange lilies or exotic birds of paradise in this sleek black vase. The bold colors will create a captivating focal point in your entryway.

Orange Lilies as an example of beautiful flowers to put in the Vases at Maison and Tavola




Guaxs Clemente Vase in Clear Green at Maison and Tavola


Clemente Vase in Clear Green: Embrace the calming aura of the soft green hue by displaying fresh white hydrangeas or elegant calla lilies in this vase. The combination of light green and white will evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication.

White and Green Hydrangeas in Vase with Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Book





 Tip #3: Pair vases of varying heights – contrast is pleasing to the eye.

Incorporating vases of varying heights into your decor is a simple yet impactful way to add visual interest and elevate the ambiance of your space. The interplay of contrasting shapes and sizes can captivate the eye and imbue your surroundings with a sense of depth and dimension. To achieve this look, consider grouping vases of differing heights together on a table or shelf, or placing them in distinct areas of the room for a cohesive and balanced effect. It is vital to select vases that harmonize with one another in terms of color and style to achieve a polished and sophisticated aesthetic.


Guaxs Cubistic Round Vase in Opal at Maison and Tavola

Round Cubistic Vase in Opal: Complement the geometric design of this opal-colored vase by arranging tall stems of vibrant sunflowers or elegant delphiniums. The height contrast will enhance the visual appeal of the arrangement.

Sunflowers to Pair with Maison and Tavola Vases


Guaxs Koonam Vase in Ocean Blue Indigo at Maison and Tavola

Koonam Vase in Ocean Blue Indigo: Opt for flowers with cascading blooms, such as blue delphiniums or purple irises, to create a sense of movement and visual interest in this ocean blue vase. Their verticality will add an extra layer of depth to your display.

blue delphiniums for Guaxs vases at Maison and Tavola


Guaxs Omar Vase in Clear Gold at Maison and Tavola

Tall Omar Vase in Clear Gold: Emphasize the luxury and refinement of this clear glass and gold accented vase by showcasing tall and slender flowers like gladiolus or snapdragons. Their graceful stems will complement the vase's elegant silhouette.

gladiolas and other flowers to put in Maison and Tavola Guaxs vases




Tip #4: Empty vases work well displayed in odd numbers and different heights.

As alluded to in Tip #1, empty vases are a versatile decorative element that can be used to create a breathtaking display in any room. To create an eye-catching arrangement, it is best to display them in odd numbers and varying heights, as this arrangement is known to be visually pleasing to the eye. By placing them on a mantel, bookshelf, or console table, you can transform any space into a work of art. Grouping them together on a tray or platter is another way to create a stunning vignette that will leave your guests in awe. With empty vases, the possibilities are endless, and the results are always awe-inspiring.



Guaxs Nagaa Medium Vase in Sky at Maison and Tavola

Medium Nagaa Vase in Sky: For an empty vase display, consider combining this sky blue vase with smaller vases of the same color. Create a cohesive arrangement by adding sprigs of lavender or eucalyptus for a touch of natural beauty.

Guaxs Yeola Vase in Light Green at Maison and Tavola

Large Yeola Vase in Light Green: To achieve an eye-catching display of empty vases, group this green vase with two smaller green glass vases. Add decorative twigs or branches for an organic and minimalist aesthetic.

Guaxs Yeola Vase in Petrol at Maison and Tavola

Yeola Vase in Petrol: Showcase the elegance of this stunning glass and deep blue accented vase by pairing it with two smaller vases in complementary or matching hues. Leave them empty to highlight the intricate design of each vase.

By combining the recommended Guaxs vases with these flower suggestions, you can create stunning and harmonious arrangements that accentuate the beauty of both the vases and the blooms. Enjoy the process of curating your home with these exquisite elements!

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