Baobab Care Instructions

Baobab Care Instructions

Baobob Candles

How long do Baobab Collection Candles burn for?

The table below gives the approximate burning times, depending on the candle size:

Max 10 : 60h

Max 16 : 150h

Max 24 : 400h

Maxi Max: 800h

The above burning times are indicative and may vary from one model to another. The burning times given assume that the
candle is used correctly.

A candle burns more rapidly when the wax is totally liquefied than when it is still partly solid. We therefore recommend
that you extinguish your candle one hour after the wax has become totally liquid. This will extend its useful life.

How should your Baobab Collection Candles be looked after and burnt?

For an optimal burning experience, follow these instructions: Wait until the entire surface liquefies before extinguishing the candle to prevent craters and difficulty in burning. The first burn will be longer; allow 3-4 hours for Max 10 candles, 5-6 hours for Max 16, and 8-10 hours for Max 24 or Maxi Max. Extinguish the candle within one hour after complete liquefaction to prolong its lifespan. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and avoid exposing it to heat sources or drafts to prevent flickering and black smoke. Lastly, avoid burning the last centimeter of wax to prevent glass shattering from a flame touching it.

How are the Baobab Collection candles and diffusers made ?

Baobab Collection scented candles and fragrances are crafted with precision and top-quality materials.


  • Each candle is handcrafted, featuring unique hand-blown glasses and meticulously poured scented wax.
  • The process takes up to four days, including multiple wax layers and careful cleaning and packaging.

Raw Materials:

  • Selected materials include pure German wax, hand-blown Polish glasses, German-assembled cotton wicks, and Italian leathers for limited editions.
  • Fragrances are expertly crafted by top aroma companies in Grasse, France, and Switzerland.

Are Baobab Collection Candles refillable?

Due to their artisanal manufacturing process, Baobab Collection candles cannot be refilled.

Each glass is hand-blown and therefore unique. Their size and shape are not standard and vary from one glass to another. Consequently, it is not possible to develop refills that could be
adapted to each glass.

Please note that we do not accept any liability should a problem arise if you refill your Baobab Collection candle or have it refilled with new wax.

How should I clean the glass and remove the wicks?

The difficulty of removing the wicks varies from candle to candle.

There are several ways to clean the glass and remove the wicks:

Pour on boiling water and wait for the water to cool in order to remove the wicks.

Put your candle in the freezer and remove the wicks using a knife or a fork.

How should I use the Baobab Collection Fragance diffusers and totems?

The Baobab Collection fragrance diffusers are popular in spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms where candles may not be used.

They come in 500 ml bottles with refillable options and include natural or black rattan reeds.

Baobab Collection Totems offer fragrance quantities of 250 ml, 2 liters, or 5 liters, also refillable, with rattan reeds in a separate case.

Follow the tip for use by removing the plastic seal, inserting reeds, and rotating them weekly for consistent diffusion.

Keep diffusers out of children's reach and away from heat sources like flames or stoves.

All your burning questions. (Literally!)

My candle doesn't burn evenly. What should I do ?

Your candle may be standing on a slightly sloping surface. If so, turn the candle gently. Your candle may also be in a draught. In this case, turn the candle or place it gently in a less exposed area. The surface of your candle must always remain even to avoid the formation of holes that could drown the wicks. We therefore recommend that you do not put out your candle until the wax has liquefied completely.

My candle's flames are very small and the wicks look like they're drowning. What should I do ?

There may be many reasons for this: When the surface of the wax is almost entirely liquid, the flames may shrink for an hour or two before burning evens out again. When your candle has only a few centimeters of wax remaining, the air intake is lower. Put out your candle and re-light it at least a quarter of an hour later. The flames will burn brighter again.

My candle is giving off a lot of black smoke. What should I do?

Long Wicks: Trim them to 0.6 cm, even while burning if needed.
Over burning: Extinguish the candle within an hour once the wax surface is fully liquid to maintain stability and prevent excessive wax evaporation.
Draught: Move the candle to a less exposed area to prevent flickering and soot production.
Uncleaned Glass: Soot accumulated inside the
glass can affect burning quality; clean it regularly with alcohol-free products.
Small Room: Large candles, like Maxi Max with 7 wicks, are best suited for spacious areas to allow smoke dispersion.

My candle does not smell very much the first time it is burnt. What should I do?

Over time, the fragrance in the upper layer of the candle evaporates. Naturally, therefore, this will give off less fragrance the first time it is burnt. Generally speaking, the more liquid wax there is, the stronger the scent will be as it escapes more easily. We advise you to wait until the wax surface has liquefied completely and to use your candle more so as to reach the wax with more concentrated fragrance.