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CBK: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy: A Life in Fashion

CBK: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy: A Life in Fashion

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Fashion and creative director Sunita K. Nair presents Carolyn Bessette Kennedy: A Life in Fashion, which pays homage to the style icon’s timeless, distinguished beauty, and legacy in the first book of its kind.

  • Contains never-before-published photographs that capture Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's enduring style
  • Showcases how Carolyn used fashion to express herself and break traditional norms, leaving a lasting impact on the industry
  • Filled with inspiring personal anecdotes from fashion luminaries

Host Notes: Set the stage for stylish conversations by displaying "Carolyn Bessette Kennedy: A Life in Fashion" on a sleek marble coffee table topped with fresh flowers and Bristol Hurricane candle holders. Also pairs nicely with the Burberry tabletop book.

Dimensions: 9.9 x 1.05 x 11.25 in

Care: Gently wipe any dust or dirt off the cover using a soft, lint-free cloth. Keep away from direct sunlight to preserve the book's vibrant colors.

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