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Inside Yucatan

Inside Yucatan

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Uncover the faded splendor of forgotten and restored homes in Inside Yucatán by Susana Ordovás and photographer Guido Taroni, a visually breathtaking ode to the merging of ancient and contemporary architecture across the Yucatán Peninsula, capturing the enduring charm of decay and revival in a magical land.

  • Visually captivating photographs of over 30 unseen residences
  • Detailed commentary celebrating the homes' eccentric, distressed charm
  • Beautifully illustrated maps of the region by artist Jesús Cisneros

Host Notes: Display Inside Yucatán on a prominent bookshelf to showcase the contrasting styles of architecture, and pair it with one of our sleek bookstands.

Dimensions: 9.48 x 1.33 x 12.22 in

Care: Handle with care and keep away from direct sunlight to preserve the enduring charm of the visuals and commentary within Inside Yucatán.

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