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Barknest Round Basket

Barknest Round Basket

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  • Natural design
  • Perforated pattern
  • 18/10 stainless steel
  • Designed by Michel Boucquillon/Donia Maaoui
Dimensions: 8.3"D x 2.75"H

The Alessi Barknest Round Basket was designed by Michel Boucquillon and Donia Maaoui as part of the famous “Bark” collection.

The designers drew their inspiration from their home, Casa Boucquillon: a place for experimentation, meditation, and work where they live in sync with nature.

The perforated pattern of the “Bark” range recalls the bark on the trees around the house. The result is a strongly poetic collection where every individual object proves to be - either in shape or in function - in continuous and harmonious dialogue with nature.

The Barknest Basket is an object that, in name and form, recalls a cozy nest with rounded walls for holding and safeguarding precious contents.

The highly expressive design of this object enhances any room where it is displayed.
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