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Dressed Round Tray - White

Dressed Round Tray - White

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  • Stainless steel
  • Epoxy resin
  • Relief decoration
  • Designed by Marcel Wanders
Dimensions: 13.75"Dia

The Alessi Dressed Round Tray is crafted with 18/10 stainless steel and epoxy resin for a creamy white finish.

The simplistic shape is enhanced by the stunning designs on this gorgeous, gleaming serving tray. Even just one item atop this tray will become the center of attention.

Traditionally, the rules would require that decoration be applied in the most important and most visible areas of the object. Designer Marcel Wanders, on the other hand, applies it to secluded areas, a little out of sight, sometimes even in areas that aren’t normally visible at all, so much so that we could call it a sort of introverted decoration.

In this way, even though he uses a language of signs that is very rich and complex, a bit flowery, a little baroque, Wanders manages to maintain a certain level of overall elegance and lightness.

Alessi has been manufacturing beautiful, Italian-made household products since 1921. These stylish, contemporary creations are the result of strong partnerships with some of the world's best designers of unique, modern home decor and accessories.
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