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Carlos's Places by Carlos Souza

Carlos's Places by Carlos Souza

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  • 144 pages
  • 170 illustrations
  • Cloth Hardcover
  • Published October 2014
Dimensions: 7.67"W x 10.94"L x 0.9"D

Worldwide Brand Ambassador for Valentino and CEO and Creative Director of his jewelry design company, Most Wanted Design, Carlos Souza is known the world over for his glamorous and fun-loving style. Carlos's Places is a guide to some of his favorite places around the globe—from New York and Paris to São Paulo, London, Rome, or Shanghai.

In each location, Souza notes the best the city has to offer by listing his preferred spots to dine, dance, shop, see art, or just get a drink.

Along with noting the unique fashion, food, art, and design places of interest, Mr. Souza has written little notes on each place, like a familiar travel diary you share with friends.

Updated for today’s traveler who wants to know where to go from a trusted friend, this book is a guide to the destination spots in some of the most chic cities in the world.
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