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Silver Care Lotion

Silver Care Lotion

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Keep your silver items shiny and elegant with the Silver Care Lotion, a multi-purpose product that efficiently removes the oxidation layer and provides long-lasting protection for a spectacular shine.

  • 8.45 fluid ounces
  • New and improved formula with a pleasant fragrance
  • Suitable for cleaning, polishing, and maintaining your silver collection

Host Notes: Showcase your shining silver collection on our Match Vanity Tray featuring a leather insert and a modern design that perfectly complements your polished silver items. And don't forget the Silver Care Gloves!

Care: Shake the bottle well before use and apply a good amount of the Silver Care Lotion onto your silver item, rubbing thoroughly with a soft cloth. Wipe off any excess product and let it dry before polishing with a dry, soft cloth.

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