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Jan Barboglio

Clear El Rey Decanter

Clear El Rey Decanter

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This exquisite mouth-blown decanter, crafted from crystal clear glass, rests elegantly in a wax cast tray, culminating in a pear-shaped corona de hierro, exuding a jubilant aura of celebration.

  • Mouth-blown decanter made from clear glass
  • Rests in a wax cast tray
  • Topped with a jubilant, pear-shaped corona de hierro

Host Notes: To elevate the ambiance of your home, style this stunning decanter on the Linea Bar Cart alongside magnificent crystal highball glasses. Also pairs nicely with the Clear Vicente Vaso glass from Jan Barboglio.

Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 14 in

Care: Hand wash the glass decanter and clean the iron base and topper with a soft, dry cloth.

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