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Gum Creek

Gum Greek: Board with Juice Grooves

Gum Greek: Board with Juice Grooves

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Crafted from Sweetgum wood, this cutting board boasts a natural satiny feel and a functional juice groove.

  • Made from Sweetgum wood
  • Features a juice groove for mess-free food prep
  • Offers a natural satiny feel for a quality cutting experience

Host Notes: Build your culinary domain by pairing this cutting board with a set of modern stainless steel kitchen utensils and a cookbook to instill a touch of tasteful refinement to your culinary adventures.

Dimensions:  12 × 19 × 1.5 in

Care: To maintain the quality, hand-wash this cutting board with mild soap and water, and dry it immediately after cleaning. Avoid soaking or using abrasive cleaners.

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