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Jan Barboglio

Angelito Bendito Decanter - Medium

Angelito Bendito Decanter - Medium

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This Jan Barboglio Angelito Bendito Decanter is an angel-shaped glass bottle handcrafted by skilled artisans in Mexico. Includes cork stopper with iron ballin.
The angel decanter is perfect for storing oil and vinegar, sherry, or your favorite liquer.
The Angelito Bendito bottle gets its name from "Bendito," the Spanish word for "holy" or "blessed."
  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Hand-finished
  • Artist signed

Dimensions: 7"h x 3.25"w x 3.25"d

Host Notes: This decantur brings an elegant touch to any bar cart. Pairs well with the Papacito Zackshot Glasses.

Care: The decanter itself is dishwasher-safe; simply remove the cork. Clean stopper with soft, dry cloth.

* This is the medium-sized version of the Angelito Bendito Decanter - purchase the small and large versions separately.

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