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Jan Barboglio

Cuadro Decanter

Cuadro Decanter

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Elegant and refined, the Cuadro Decanter is a wax cast squared top decanter accompanied by a leather lined tray - a tasteful addition to your home bar or dining table.

  • Crafted with a wax cast squared top design.
  • Comes with a leather lined tray for added sophistication.
  • Perfect for displaying and serving your finest spirits with style.

Host Notes: Showcase the Cuadro Decanter on your bar cart and pair it with our Crystal Whiskey Glasses for a truly elevated drinking experience that will impress your guests.

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 9 in

Care: Hand wash the decanter and tray with mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly to prevent water spots. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or placing in the dishwasher, as it may damage the wax and leather surfaces. Handle with care to maintain its elegant appearance.

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