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Jan Barboglio

Pequeño Rail Tray

Pequeño Rail Tray

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Dressed to impress, the Pequeño Rail Tray is a sophisticated and functional addition to your serving collection.

  • Versatile tray for serving at the bar or dressing up a dining table
  • Holds five pequeño d' todo bowls for a stylish presentation
  • Perfect for hosting a soirée or adding an elegant touch to everyday meals

Host Notes: Demonstrate your hosting skills by arranging the Pequeño Rail Tray on the El Orozco Charola Tray for a cohesive aesthetic. Utilize the Tenedor-Cito forks and Cuchar-ita Spoons for serving condiments with style.

Dimensions: 20 x 4 x 5 in

Care: Keep this tray in top shape by hand washing it gently and avoiding harsh abrasives. Polish the tray with a soft cloth to maintain its lustrous appearance.

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