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Jan Barboglio

Vela Cuello

Vela Cuello

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Illuminate your space with the sculptural elegance of the Vela con Cuello Candlestick, a handsome waxcast iron masterpiece that brings a touch of sophistication and encourages long nights of enchanting wax drippings.

  • Crafted from waxcast iron with a sculptural design.
  • Creates a refined ambiance with its elegant form.
  • Encourages captivating evenings with long-lasting wax drippings.

Host Notes: Elevate your tabletop setting with the refined pairing of the Vela con Cuello Candlestick and its counterpart, the Vela Con Falda candlestick. Take your spread to the next level by incorporating the Balin Small Bites serving platter and the Large Live Edge Carving Board for a luxurious touch.

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 19 in

Care: Trim the wick before lighting and place the candlestick on a heat-resistant surface. Always supervise while lit and extinguish before leaving the room. Handle with care, as the candlestick may become hot during use.

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