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Bashful Luxe Bunny Azure

Bashful Luxe Bunny Azure

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Bashful Luxe Bunny Azure is a palette of dreamy fur in blue, green, and even pink, complete with long fold ears, chunky paws, and a scrumptious cream bobtail. This unique limited-edition Bunny celebrates Jellycat's 25th anniversary!

  • Dreamy fur in blue, green, and even pink for a playful and colorful touch.
  • Long folded ears and soft chunky paws enhance the bunny's charm and cuddliness.
  • Scrumptious cream bobtail adds a delightful finishing touch.
  • Not recommended for children under 1 year due to fiber shedding.

Embark on a nostalgic journey with Jellycat's 25th-anniversary collection, celebrating a quarter-century of adorable companionship. With your purchase, enjoy the exclusive addition of a 25th-anniversary tag and a gift bag, designed to honor this milestone and impart a touch of sentimentality to your cherished Jellycat plush. Thank you for 25 years of cuddles and joy!

Original: 12 x 5 in
Huge: 20 x 8 in

Care: Show your bunny love by gently washing it at in warm water by hand. Avoid tumble drying, dry cleaning, or ironing to maintain its softness and vibrant colors. 

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