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Bilbao Wood Petite Spoons - Set of 4

Bilbao Wood Petite Spoons - Set of 4

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These beautiful wooden spoons are the perfect complement to an array of appetizers, tapas, or sides, effortlessly adding a touch of easy elegance to any dining setting, whether it's a formal holiday affair or a vineyard lunch.

  • Natural complement to appetizers, tapas, or sides
  • Adds easy elegance to any setting
  • Handmade with sustainable materials

Host Notes: Style these stunning wooden spoons alongside other handcrafted tableware or heirloom serveware to create a beautifully curated tablescape that showcases your impeccable taste. Pairs well with Juliska's Bilbao Wood Nesting Bowl Set.

Dimensions: 1.0 x 5.0 x 1.0 in

Care: Hand wash with a gentle detergent, avoiding steel wool or scouring pads that can scratch the delicate wood. Dry immediately with a soft cloth. To restore the richness of the wood color, apply mineral oil with a soft cloth, let it stand for an hour, and wipe away any excess. Note that, as with all wooden utensils, wine or rich colored foods may stain the naturally porous material. Not dishwasher, oven, or microwave safe.

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