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40 by Studio Piet Boon

40 by Studio Piet Boon

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Explore the visionary brilliance of Studio Piet Boon through the enchanting pages of 40 By Studio Piet Boon book, capturing 40 design ideas and insights into their timeless creations.

  • Showcasing 40 design ideas from Studio Piet Boon
  • Mesmerizing photography and detailed insights
  • Collaboration-driven creations reflecting the studio's core values

Host Notes: Adorn your coffee table with the exquisite 40 By Studio Piet Boon book, and complement it with one of our bookstands. 

Dimensions: 14 x 11.25 x 1.65 in

Care: Handle with care and store in a cool, dry place to preserve its pristine condition and allow it to inspire for years to come.

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