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Pebble Shaped Acacia Serving Boards (Set Of 3)

Pebble Shaped Acacia Serving Boards (Set Of 3)

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  • Flat, pebble-shaped serving board with rounded edge
  • Cut-out for hanging or handling
  • Made of acacia wood

Large board: 18" x 15"
Medium board: 15" x 10"
Small board: 12" x 9"

This Set of 3 Pebble Shaped Acacia Serving Boards is the stuff dinner party dreams are made on. Purchase a single board for a modern and striking centerpiece, or go for all three sizes for a simply chic tabletop smorgasbord. While these acacia wood beauties are worthy of serving (and deserve to be seen!) they are durable enough to stack up against the toughest cutting boards. Ideal for all your cheese, charcuterie, and centerpiece needs, they also feature a cut out for easy hanging storage and serving. Choose the right size for you or go for the whole set if you really want to project that, “Well, of course, I just happen to have a matching set of rounded-edge pebble-shaped cutting boards that class up any gathering. More wine, Meredith?” vibe. Upgrade your apps – and we don’t mean iOS – with these sleek, upscale serving boards.

Care: Surface wash only with a damp cloth. To prevent wood from warping and cracking, do not submerge in water. To prevent wood from drying out or cracking, occasionally rub with food-safe mineral oil. Not dishwasher safe.

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