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Vagabond House

Pewter Blue Crabs Salt & Pepper Set

Pewter Blue Crabs Salt & Pepper Set

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  • Material: Pewter
  • Cast and hand-finished with meticulous attention to detail

Dimensions: 4" L x 4.5" W X 1" H

Vagabond House's Pewter Blue Crab Salt and Pepper Set is a luxurious addition to any table, bringing the beauty of the crab family to the forefront. Meticulously cast and hand-finished with remarkable accuracy, these little swimmers will brighten any gathering and bring joy to all.

With the scientific species name of Callinectes sapidus - a harmonious blend of Greek and Latin, translating to "beautiful, savory swimmer" - you can be sure you'll get the perfect combination of these delightful crustaceans' best qualities.

Care: Wipe with damp cloth. Will not tarnish.

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