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Riedel Black Tie Decanter

Riedel Black Tie Decanter

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Introducing the Black Tie decanter by RIEDEL, a classic and curved masterpiece crafted by master glassblowers without the aid of a mold, featuring a unique looped design with a black stripe.

  • Each decanter is handmade, resulting in small variations and imperfections that add to its unique character.
  • Designed to hold a single bottle of wine, the decanter allows for easy pouring with a large and small opening.
  • Made of fine crystal glass, this decanter honors quality wines by enhancing their flavors and aromas.

Host Notes: Elevate your wine tasting experience by styling the Black Tie decanter as a centerpiece on a modern dining table, paired with a set of crystal RIEDEL wine glasses.

Dimensions: 68 oz / 16.5 in

Care: Handwash only and avoid using the RIEDEL Bottle Cleaner to prevent lodging.

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