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Bottle Cleaner & Microfiber Polishing Cloth

Bottle Cleaner & Microfiber Polishing Cloth

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The Bottle Cleaner & Microfiber Polishing Cloth set includes a stainless steel bead cleaner to remove dirt and stains from decanters, along with a lint-free microfiber cloth for drying and polishing glassware.

  • Cleaner: Stainless steel beads remove dirt, residue, and stains from decanters
  • Cloth: Microfiber polishing cloth cleans and dries glassware without leaving lint or scratches
  • Keeps your glassware in mint condition

Host Notes: Display your pristine glassware on a sleek wine rack or glassware shelf. Pair with the Barkcellar Bottle Rack to showcase your favorite bottles in style.

Dimensions: Cloth: 19.7 x 25.2 in

Care: The microfiber polishing cloth can be washed up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit without the need for softener or bleach, ensuring its long-lasting usability.

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