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Riedel Veritas Beer (Set of 2)

Riedel Veritas Beer (Set of 2)

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  • This pack contains 2 pieces
  • Material: Crystal

Dimensions: 6.3"

Introducing the Riedel Veritas Beer Glass, designed to enhance your drinking experience by revealing the true color, aroma, and flavor of your favorite brew. Its tulip shape captures the full range of aromatics, while also dissipating excess carbonation and maintaining a perfect beer head.

Crafted with precision and care, Riedel's premium machine-made beer glass is dishwasher-safe and designed to provide the perfect drinking experience. Unlike hand-made glass, machine-blown glass ensures consistency in the execution of the bowl and rim diameter, which is the key to Riedel's philosophy of delivering fine-tuned instruments that elevate your beer enjoyment.

Care: Dishwasher safe.

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