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Riedel Vinum Oaked Chardonnay/Montrachet Set

Riedel Vinum Oaked Chardonnay/Montrachet Set

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  • Set of 2
  • Lead-free crystal Gift boxed
  • 21.125 oz. capacity
Dimensions: 7.5"H

Every sophisticated wine lover should own the Riedel Vinum Oaked Chardonnay/Montrachet Set.

This set of 2 gorgeous crystal wine glasses features a wide bowl, which allows space for the rich bouquet to develop a superbly diverse range of aromas, while minimizing the risk of becoming over-concentrated.

Comes pre-wrapped in a gift box for easy giving.

The Vinum Oaked Chardonnay/Montrachet is excellent for: Riesling Smaragd, St. Aubin, St. Emilion, Montrachet, Chardonnay (oaked), St. Estèphe, Meursault, Riesling (Spätlese/late harvest dry), Morillon (oaked), Corton-Charlemagne, St. Julien, Burgundy (white), Pouilly-Fuissé, and Smaragd.

Care: Dishwasher-safe.
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