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Laura Gonzalez: Interiors

Laura Gonzalez: Interiors

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Laura Gonzalez's debut monograph showcases her vibrant and bold interiors, filled with rich patterns, textures, and joyful details.

  • Showcases designs that mix classical and contemporary influences
  • Gonzalez's whimsical designs add a touch of magic
  • Explore the exuberant combinations of materials, patterns, and furniture

Host Notes: Transform your home into a vibrant and bold space by incorporating Laura Gonzalez's mix of classical and contemporary influences. Pair this monograph with one of our sleek bookstands stylish reading nook.

Dimensions: 9.75 x 12.75 in

Care: Handle with care to preserve the luxurious cloth cover and bold pattern. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading.

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