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Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce Chelsea Optic Petite Bowl

Simon Pearce Chelsea Optic Petite Bowl

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  • Handcrafted with blown glass
  • 8 oz. capacity
  • Made in USA
Dimensions: 5"W x 3.25"H

The Simon Pearce Chelsea Optic Petite Bowl begins its life as a molten glass star, and then gets spun on the pontil iron by Simon Pearce glassblowers. As it's spun, galaxies unfurl, creating this stunning optic bowl.

No two curves in this bowl are exactly alike, so this piece is entirely unique.

Use it to display an array of florals, allowing the waves along the rim to help position your bouquet while also obscuring stems and casting shimmering light across your table.

Care: Handwash with warm water and mild detergent. Not intended for use in microwaves or ovens. Do not expose glass to extreme heat changes, such as filling with hot liquid or placing in the freezer. A shock in temperature can cause fractures.
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