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The Carlyle

The Carlyle

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  • 208 pages
  • 200 illustrations
  • Silk Hardcover
  • Published September 2021

Dimensions: W 9.25 x L 12 x D 1.5 in

If there is one landmark that encapsulates the spirit of New York City, with all its glamour, charm, and singularity, it is The Carlyle Hotel. An Upper East Side institution since it opened in 1930, The Carlyle has become synonymous with luxury, status, and sophistication. Its suites have housed presidents and princesses, dukes and duchesses, and Hollywood’s most honored stars. Commemorating the hotel’s ninetieth anniversary and featuring the recent renovation by the esteemed designer Tony Chi, this all-new edition of The Carlyle explores the hotel’s storied history and its status as an enduring icon. With exclusive interviews with celebrity patrons and never-before-seen photographs from the earliest archives up to today’s most exclusive parties, this stunning volume is an homage to the rich past and vibrant present of this grand, world-famous hotel.

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