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Women Body & Hand Lotion And Shower Gel Gift Box

Women Body & Hand Lotion And Shower Gel Gift Box

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  • A hand wash and a body lotion are offered together as a gift box, an invitation to take care of yourself
  • Scent: Magnolia/Rose/Musk

This powder pink lotion with rose as its main accord provides an unparalleled softness and a subtly fragrant sensation, like being surrounded by petals. A magnolia heart note complements the floral notes, creating an explosion of femininity. Musk is added as a base note, further enhancing the extreme softness and subtlety of this timeless scent.

Note: We recommend using it as many times as you like and lathering the gel well on your hands, in order to release the fragrance in a cleansing and comforting sensation. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. The cleansing sensation is immediate, with a perfume that lasts for about 10 minutes. We recommend using it as often as necessary, preferably in the morning after showering, and gently massaging all parts of your body to allow the lotion to penetrate. It is light and not greasy, its absorption is immediate. As you massage, the fragrance spreads over your body like a comforting and enveloping veil. A moment of extreme softness to be repeated daily.
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