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Ziad Raphael Nassar

Ziad Raphael Nassar

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  • 208 pages
  • 200 illustrations
  • Silk hardcover
  • Published December 2020
Dimensions: W 11 x L 14 x D 1.61 in

Ziad Raphael Nassar is globally known as one of the finest wedding designers in the Middle East. Nassar is a visual storyteller, seamlessly weaving the style and personality of a couple into an experiential odyssey.

Ziad Raphael Nassar: Designing the World’s Greatest Weddings offers a valuable overview of Nassar’s body of work drawn from the past decade, highlighting key milestones in the designer’s illustrious career. With themes ranging from Romantic Splendor and Avant-Garde Elegance to Sensational Whimsy and Timeless Refinement, this volume features abundant images of Nassar’s extraordinary, highly imaginative creations, exploring the dynamics of love through the lens of design and architecture to ensure that every creation becomes a timeless event of great symbolic significance and emotional resonance.

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