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Baobab Collection

Feathers Touareg Scented Candle

Feathers Touareg Scented Candle

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  • Scent: Mint/Jasmine/Musk
  • Mouthblown glass

Max10: 3.9"H/4-wicks/60h
Max16: 6.3"H/4-wicks/150h
Max35: 13.8"H/7 wicks/800h

The Baobab Collection Feathers Touareg Scented Candle references the Tuaregs’ majestic garments with a glass covered in blue details.

Each glass is unique as the color is placed in a random fashion, giving it a feathered tribal effect. Its fragrance will take you to the gates of the Sahara.

This scent’s mint and jasmine notes conjure up visions of festive evenings around a re sipping tea, taking in the various fascinating smells of Africa.

Baobab Care Instructions

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