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Baobab Collection

Pierre de Lune Scented Candle

Pierre de Lune Scented Candle

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  • 4 wicks
  • 60-hour burn time
  • Scent: White Tea/Frozen Mint
  • Single candle

Dimensions: 3.9"H

Add a mesmerizing scent to your home with the Baobab Collection Pierre de Lune Scented Candle.

Through subtle associations of mint and verbena, Pierre de Lune’s floral scent is a portal into a peaceful and dreamlike world.

The moonstone is known for its mesmerizing interaction with light. For centuries, many thought it showcased different phases of the lunar cycle.

In India, the moonstone is seen as the “stone of dreams” bringing incredible visions to those who possess it.

Baobab Care Instructions

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