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Flowers: Art & Bouquets

Flowers: Art & Bouquets

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  • 272 pages
  • 250 illustrations
  • Silk hardcover
  • Published May 2016
Dimensions: 13.11"L x 9.76"W x 1.49"D

Enjoy the gorgeous florals in Assouline's Flowers: Art & Bouquets by Sixtine Dubly.

Be it a single delicate bud in a simple clear vase or an explosion of colorful blossoms, a brilliant bouquet accents an atmosphere and brightens the mood like nothing else.

The beauty of flowers has inspired artists, designers, poets, and myriad other creators for centuries: the Dutch masters of the 1600s and impressionist painters from Manet to Van Gogh, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, botanical illustrator Georg Dionysius Ehret, even the inimitable Andy Warhol.

showcases a glorious profusion of floral images and interpretations across a spectrum of artistic media and time periods.

Design writer Sixtine Dubly chronicles the evolution of floral design in this remarkable compendium, which also features stunning work by more than forty contemporary floral artists in London, Paris, and New York, from minimalist to elaborate.

This treasury of gorgeous imagery blooms in resplendent color before the reader’s eyes.
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